Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get asked alot and the answers 🙂

How do I get access to Common Ground for my booking?

For one-off bookings one of our volunteers will meet you at the start and end of your booking to open and close for you. You wont be given keys. You must be there promptly at the start and be fully tidied up ready for the end of your booking. If you overrun your time you may be charged extra – please be considerate to our volunteers time.

Can I arrive early to set up before my booking?

All setup and clean up time needs to be included within the time that you book and pay for. Our volunteers will meet you at these times so please be there on time and finish all the clean-up by you finish time. You may be charged extra if you go over your booked time.

How big is the hall and the room?

The hall is ~13m x 8m and the room is ~6x3m. Pics are on our website.

Do you have chairs and tables?

Yes and these are free to use during your booking. We have ~50 stackable plastic chairs in the room next to the boys toilet. We can bring more from storage if requested in advance. The room has ~2- padded chairs. We have 8 large, rectangular folding tables (about 6ft x 3 ft) and 4 smaller tables (about 3ft by 3ft). Please put all tables and chairs back in the storage rooms off the hall at the end of your session.

Is there a Kitchen? What are the facilities?

Yes. There is a kitchen with a serving hatch adjoining the hall. This is included with the hall hire. It has an oven, electric hob, microwave, kettle, sink and fridge with ice box. We have ~30 plates, bowls and cups you can use which must be washed up after use. You can get outside caters to use the kitchen if you like.

Can we bring our own food or use caterers?

Yep sure.

Is there tea and coffee facilities?

In the kitchen we have a kettle and cups but you’ll need to bring your own tea, coffee and milk. If you want tea and coffee in the meeting room please let us know- we can bring a kettle and cups through but again you’ll need tea, coffee and milk.

Do you have disabled access?

Yes. We have a ramp from the Woodstock Rd entrance and no steps in via the side door. We have a disable toilet off the hall entrance. Please let us know if you have wheel chair users attending and we can make sure you have the right access.

Can I have a bouncy castle?

Yes. The hall is big enough for most small and medium bouncy castles. Sheffield Inflatables know us well is you need help. A bouncy castle is probably OK but please check first.

Can I come early to set up?

No sorry. Any time you need to set up and tidy away afterwards needs to be included within the time you book. This is so we can keep track of when people come and go.

Waste at Common Ground.

Please minimise all waste you generate. We have recycling bins in the hall and outside – please use these as much as possible. We have cups, plates and bowls so we prefer these to be used rather than disposable stuff. Please don’t use single use plastic like plates, cutlery and confetti. We have limited black bin space so each group is limited to 2-3 bags which can go in our black bin outside. All other general waste must be taken home with you.

Do you have baby changing facilities?

Yes, in the disabled toilet off the hall entrance way,

Can I use the outside space?

Yes, this belongs to common ground and please feel free to use it during you booking. However, it is open to public also so there may be other people there. If you have specific plans for the green space get in touch.

What about flames and fireworks?

Fireworks are not allowed to be set off anywhere on the premises including the green space. No naked flames or sources of ignition to be used inside without permission. Birthday cake candles are ok but no sparklers.

Do you have a car park? A bike rack?

No car park sorry. There is usually enough on street parking on nearby streets without parking restrictions but please be considerate to our neighbours and minimise cars by using public transport, car sharing or coming on foot or by bike. We are planning to install a bike rack soon. Currently bikes can be chained to drain pipes or brought inside.

Can I play loud music?

Please let us know if you plan to play any amplified music or play instruments. It might be OK but we need to make sure other groups and our neighbours wont be affected.

Are we allowed alcohol?

No sorry. Our insurance doesn’t allow it.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes. We have free WiFi and the codes are on posters on the walls in each space. No data charges but please let us know if you plan to use a lot of data.

Do you have a digital projector?

No sorry. Our meeting room has a white board. We’re thinking about getting one so let us know if you wanted one so we can gauge demand.

Will someone help me set up and tidy away afterwards?

No sorry. We will open and close the space for your booking and show you where everything is but you will need to get out what tables and chairs you need and put them away afterwards.

What do I need to at the end of my booking?

Please leave the space as you find it. Put away all tables and chair in the correct room off the hall. Pick up all litter (inside and out), wipe surfaces, do any washing up, sweep and mop the floor as needed. Check the loos for mess. Anymore than 2-3 bags of waste please take home. Please make sure guests are gone and everything is completely tidy for when our volunteer comes at the end of your session. If you overrun your time you may be charged extra.